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Is Surgery the Only Treatment for 5cm Kidney Cyst

2013-03-18 15:17

treatment for 5cm kidney cystIs surgery the only treatment method for 5cm cyst in kidney? The answer is NO! Surgery is the most conventional treatment for kidney cyst, but it is not the only medical method. Aside from surgery, Chinese medicine also can be used to deal with big cysts in kidney. Well then, what we can expect from them if you have a 5cm cyst in kidney?


In cases of kidney cyst, surgery only can be adopted with deal with big cyst in outer part of our kidney. Our kidney is a bean-shaped organ with more than two million nephrons and blood vessels. If the cyst is unfortunately grow inside the kidney, nephrons and blood vessels might be damaged by the surgery. Therefore, not everyone with 5cm kidney cyst can receive surgery.

Besides, if the cyst grows in renal cortex, the outer part of the kidney, it can be removed effectively and immediately by surgery. But it is painful and risky as infection can be caused easily. With kidney infection, antibiotics can be helpful for dealing with it.

Chinese medicines

Different from surgery, Chinese medicine can be used to treat cysts in the outer part and inner part of the kidney. Chinese medicines have history over 5000 years and have been successfully used to deal with various refractory diseases. For a 5cm kidney cyst, Chinese medicines can help to increase the permeability of the cyst and increase the adsorption ability of lining cells to cystic fluids. When fluid in cyst is reduced, 5cm kidney cyst gets shrunk. Besides, Chinese medicines also help to improve kidney condition. 5cm kidney cyst is large and for an individual with 5cm kidney cyst, his kidney might have been damage. Chinese medicines contain abundant nutritions which can help the injured renal intrinsic cells to recovery. Compared with surgery, Chinese medicine is more natural and safer, but it shows treatment effects relatively slower.

Surgery and Chinese medicine treat 5cm kidney cyst in different way and they show different treatment effects. Therefore, patients should adopt proper treatment method according to their illness condition.

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