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Chinese Herbs for Bilateral Cortical Cysts

2013-07-23 14:42

Chinese Herbs for Bilateral Cortical CystsI just find my mother has bilateral cortical cysts and the largest cyst is 5.6cm. Now, these cysts have caused severe kidney pain, but my mother refuses to do surgery. Can Chinese herbs help treat bilateral cortical cysts? If so, what herbs can my mother take?

Chinese herbs, compared with western medicines, has an outstanding superiority on regulating the internal environment and changing the structure of kidney cyst. Through increasing the permeability of cystic walls and inhibiting the secretion of sac fluid, Chinese herbs can help shrink bilateral cortical cysts.

Before we introducing these herbs in detail, you should know bilateral cortical cysts refers to cysts developing in the cortex of both kidneys. Renal cortex is the outside part of the whole kidney. Therefore, the active ingredients of herbal medicines can reach these cysts easily to play their work. Next, we will introduce several Chinese herbs for bilateral cortical cysts.

1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is used widely to treat various diseases or flavor our dish. For people with bilateral cortical cysts, cinnamon mainly plays three functions: increasing kidney filtration function, boosting immune system and preventing blood coagulation.

2. Astragalus mongholicus

It is one common herbal medicine that people with kidney cyst find in their prescription. The biggest effect of this herb is to help eliminate waste products and toxins from the body. Besides, it can also help low blood pressure, fight against infection and inflammation, and improve immune system. All of these help develop a good basis for shrinking kidney cysts.

3. Lalang grass rhizome

Through increasing the permeability and enhancing blood circulation, more and more sac fluid can be reabsorbed from the body. What’s more, lalang grass rhizome can also inhibit the fluid secretion. Therefore, patients’ bilateral cortical cysts can be shrunk successfully.


Although the above three Chinese herbs can help treat bilateral kidney cysts, it doesn’t mean all patients can use them. Different patients need different medicines. If you are interested about these Chinese herbs, you can describe your illness condition to the online doctor or send email to, so kidney experts can determine what herbs you can take.

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