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PKD Clinic: A Dietary Treatment for Parapelvic Cyst

2013-07-24 15:19

PKD Clinic: A Dietary Treatment for Parapelvic CystMost parapelvic cysts are simple and benign, but they may cause some symptoms when they are big in size like 5cm. For people with parapelvic cysts, a well planned dietary treatment can help not only ease their symptoms but also slow down the growing rate of these cysts. Here, kidney experts at PKD Clinic give the following suggestions.

1. Develop a low-sodium diet

No matter what kidney disease you have, high-sodium foods must be the thing you need to avoid. This is because excess sodium is more likely to cause swelling and increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases especially high blood pressure.

2. Steer clear of oxalic acid

Normally, oxalic acid won’t cause other healthy problems when our kidneys can still work optimally. However, with the enlargement of parapelvic cysts, foods rich in oxalic acid can increase the burden on kidneys, resulting in some problems.

3. Take high-quality protein

For people with kidney disorder, low-quality protein can produce more waste products that may cause the overwork of kidneys, thus leading to further kidney damage. In addition, people with parapelvic cysts should also limit the intake of protein. If your kidney function is normal, you can take 0.8g of protein one daily.

4. Drink cranberry juice regularly

If parapelvic cyst is larger than 4cm, it may rupture under the pressure of the surrounding tissues and organs. Too large parapelvic cyst or its rupture are two common causes of urinary tract infection. Drinking cranberry juice regularly can both prevent and treat urinary tract infections and preserve kidney function.

5. Control the intake of alcohol and coffee

Even though no exact research has shown alcohol and coffee can increase the growing rate of parapelvic cyst, these drinks may easily cause some healthy problems. Therefore, controlling the intake is good for overall health.

Words from kidney experts at PKD Clinic

Since the words here are limited, we can only introduce the basic requirements for the dietary treatment for parapelvic cysts. What’s more, a personalized diet plan should depend on patients’ specific condition. If you want to get a scientific diet, you can describe your condition and send it to, so we can share some suggestions with you in detail through email.

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