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Foods to Shrink Parapelvic Cyst in Kidney

2013-08-03 10:19

Foods to Shrink Parapelvic Cyst in KidneyFor people with parapelvic cyst especially small in size, a scientific diet may slow down or even shrink parapelvic cyst in kidney, let alone easing patients’ symptoms such as back pain and blood urine. Well, what foods can help achieve this goal?

General dietary tips

Since parapelvic cyst arises from renal sinus, its enlargement is more likely to cause kidney blockage, pyelonephritis or kidney damage. Based on these characteristics, dietitians at PKD Clinic give several suggestions:

● Develop a low-salt diet: Since parapelvic cyst may cause urinary tract blockage, too much intake of salt is more likely to cause fluid and sodium retention as well as high blood pressure.

● Limit the protein intake: Excess protein produces too many waste products that can increase the workload on kidneys, leading to further kidney damage or proteinuria.

● Drink enough pure water: If patient still urinate normally, drinking enough water is a good way to increase the kidney output.

● Avoid oxalic acid: Once you have parapelvic cyst, foods high in oxalic acid may be something you want to get rid of.

Special suggestions

Parapelvic cyst is filled with watery fluid. It is the continuous fluid supplement that makes parapelvic cyst become larger and larger. Therefore, foods that can prompt the reabsorption of sac fluid or inhibit its supplement are good for people with parapelvic cyst.

Dandelion, celery, nettle leaf, watermelon and some other foods can be used as diuretic so as to eliminate more waste products and water from the body. Also, some foods such as berries, cabbage and red bell pepper, which are able to improve kidney function, are also good choice for these patients. (If you don’t have such a food list, you can consult the online doctor. )


A proper diet plan can assist the whole treatment, while an incorrect diet may destroy the whole treatment. Therefore, always make sure you are eating healthily, if you have parapelvic cyst in kidney.

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