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What Can Sodium Bicarbonate Do for Kidney Cyst

2013-08-11 10:09

What Can Sodium Bicarbonate Do for Kidney CystTalking with people who have kidney cyst, you will find sodium bicarbonate is used commonly in kidney cyst treatment. What can sodium bicarbonate do for kidney cyst? Why is this medicine prescribed for kidney cyst patient?

Sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate is much more than an excellent agent for natural chemotherapy, and It is also one important medicine that we have used for kidney disease, as well as kidney cyst, for a long time. If you are one person who have kidney cyst, you can get several benefits from correct use of sodium bicarbonate. To determine how much you can take one daily, you can describe your illness condition and send email to, so we can send you the answer after analyzing your illness carefully.

What can sodium bicarbonate do for kidney cyst?

This medicine can bring the following effects for kidney cyst patients:

1. Slow the progress of kidney cyst

Kidney cyst often occurs in people above age 50. As time goes on, its incidence becomes higher and higher and the kidney cyst grows larger and larger. New researches show that sodium bicarbonate can dramatically slow the progress of kidney disease including kidney cyst.

2. Prevent and treat acidosis

When the kidney is damaged by large kidney cysts, patients’ blood may become too acidic, so as to cause acidosis. As long as patients can tolerate the increased sodium load, they can use sodium bicarbonate to treat their acidosis and normalized their PH condition.

3. Detoxify blood

Another effect of this medicine is to help purify blood. We know dialysis is a common therapy to replace kidney filtration function. Sodium bicarbonate is able to help delay dialysis, and even in some cases, patients already on dialysis can reverse their illness condition with the help of this medicine.

Besides, sodium bicarbonate can also help improve patients’ treatment tolerance and life quality. However, excess intake of sodium may cause fluid overload or hypertension. Therefore, the dose of this medicine is vital for people with kidney cyst. Never reduce or increase your dose without doctors’ permission.

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