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A Natural Way to Treat Liver and Kidney Cyst

2013-08-15 14:48

A Natural Way to Treat Liver and Kidney CystLiver and kidney are two organs that are affected easily by fluid-filled cysts. Both of liver cyst and kidney cyst can be asymptomatic when they are small in size or cause some damage with their growth. Therefore, most patients want to know whether there is a natural way to treat liver and kidney cyst.

If yes, what are the purposes of this natural treatment?

With small size, simple growths, either in liver or in kidney, are benign and noncancerous. In this case, our purpose is to only stop their enlargement.

However, with the expansion of these cysts, some symptoms and discomforts will appear such as back pain, stomach pain, fever, chills, enlarged kidney or liver, jaundice, etc. Then, controlling these symptoms should be our another purpose.

At last, no matter how big the cyst is, a strong immunity is a guarantee to keep patients away from cyst infections, fever, chills and other symptoms. Therefore, this natural way should be able to boost patients’ immunity.

A great treatment help achieve this purpose

This treatment involves not only medical therapy but also diet and lifestyle modifications.

1. Diet changes

Excess salt, protein, fat and sugar can increase the burden on liver or kidney, so these kinds of foods should be avoided or at least limited. In addition, vegetables, fruits, lean meat, soy, etc, are suitable for these patients. (For detailed diet plan, welcome to send email to

2. Lifestyle modifications

Drinking alcohol and smoking are two big killers for our organs especially the liver. If addicted severely, they may cause life-threatening complications. Thereby, you had better quit drinking and smoking if you have liver and kidney cyst. Besides, doing moderate exercise is a good and easy way to boost your immunity.

3. Medical therapy

No matter how the medical technology changes, we have to admit that traditional herbal medicines always show a dramatical effect on dealing with chronic disease and regulating the immune system. For example, lalang grass rhizome and semen plantaginis can help shrink cyst in liver and kidney, while Cordyceps can boost the immune system and protect liver and kidney function. Doctors will prescribe you correct medicines according to your individual condition.

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