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A Healthy Diet To Avoid Growing of Cyst on Kidney

2013-08-17 16:51

A Healthy Diet To Avoid Growing of Cyst on KidneyTo avoid growing of cyst on kidney, what you eat plays an important role. In some cases, kidney cysts are silent and don’t cause any symptom. In some other cases, kidney cysts lead to some signs and symptoms, namely, back pain, blood urine, frequent urination, kidney cyst infections, etc. A healthy diet can not only help ease these symptoms but also slow the growth of kidney cysts.

How to make a healthy diet to avoid growing of cyst on kidney?

To know the answer, we should first make clear the nature of cyst on kidney. Different from cyst in PKD, simple kidney cyst is filled with watery fluid. If the cyst is fairly small, it is possible to make it dissolve by itself, but some methods are needed once it grows up to certain size. With current medical technology, the best treatment is to reduce these kidney cysts rather than making them disappear completely. A healthy diet with some general requirements is an indispensable part of the whole treatment.

1. The amount of sodium intake

Excess sodium can disturb the fluid and sodium balance, thus causing or aggravating swelling and high blood pressure. Generally, 2~4g of salt is recommended to people with kidney cyst every day.

2. Correct intake of protein

Protein can break down and produce some waste products in the body, so as to increase the burden on kidney, if taking too much. If kidney cyst patients still have sufficient kidney function, 0.8g/kg of protein one daily is OK. However, once the kidney is damaged, the amount should reduce.

3. Take in correct vitamins

Foods rich in vitamin C are considered as natural antioxidants. If used correctly, these foods are able to prevent kidney cyst infections especially urinary tract infections. In addition, enough intake of some other vitamins such as vitamin D can help deal with vitamin D deficiency. The amount that patients should take each type of vitamin should depend on patients’ individual conditions.

The above is only the basic requirement for such a diet plan. Different foods contain different substances. To make sure you can develop a healthy diet to avoid growing of cyst on kidney, you can tell us the size of your kidney cyst and whether you have any symptom. Therefore, we can help you make a scientific diet in detail.

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