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Can A Complex Renal Cyst Dissolve Naturally

2013-08-20 14:42

Can A Complex Renal Cyst Dissolve NaturallyComplex renal cyst is much more severe than simple renal cyst, because it may lead to kidney cancer or be calcified. As we know small simple kidney cyst can even dissolve by itself. Here, you must want to ask “can a complex renal cyst dissolve naturally”.

The answer depends on the structure of this cyst

The cystic wall in simple renal cyst is thin and has no irregularities in it, while the wall of complex renal cyst may be thin or thick and has some irregularities. Except for fluid, some other substances like calcium may also be involved in cyst.

Also, complex renal cyst has may walled septations that make the cyst is associated with kidney cancer. It is reported that this type of cyst has a risk ranging from 13% to 90%. To dissolve this cyst, the nature of its wall should be altered.

Can a complex renal cyst dissolve naturally?

Herbal medicines give these patients a hope. These medicines are applied externally after shattered finely. Then, the active ingredients can reach the cyst via skin. Through reducing the pressure outside the cyst wall and increasing the permeability of cystic walls, both thin or thick, sac fluid will be discharged from the body with the pressure difference. During this treatment, various medicines are used. The following are two herbs that have such an effect.

1. Lalang grass rhizome

It is proven that this herb is effective and natural on changing the permeability of cystic wall and inhibiting the fill of sac fluid. Lalang grass rhizome can be decocted to drink or applied externally.

2. Ground beetle

This herb has a benefit of anti-coagulation and blood vascular dilation. Improved blood circulation can take away more sac fluid. Aside from this, it can also stop the secretion of fluid, so as to prevent the complex renal cyst from refilling again.

The detailed prescription should be made according to patients’ individual condition. Only if the complex renal cyst is dissolved naturally and successfully can patients prevent kidney cancer or other complications.

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