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Chinese Medicine to Get Rid of Cyst on Kidney

2013-08-24 11:32

Chinese Medicine to Get Rid of Cyst on KidneyGenerally speaking, kidney cyst is one benign disorder, but it may cause some symptoms if it becomes too big. In recent years, more and more people with kidney cyst prefer to use Chinese medicines to deal with their cyst because of these medicines’ safe and no side effect. What can Chinese medicines get rid of cyst on kidney?

Chinese medicine for kidney cyst

Kidney cyst is filled with watery fluid, and continuous fluid supplement makes the cyst larger and larger. Then, it will damage its surrounding kidney tissues or other organs, leading to various symptoms such as back pain, kidney cyst infections and hematuria.

Chinese medicine is proven to have an effect on increasing the permeability of cystic walls and reabsorbing the sac fluid. Finally, fluid in cyst can be discharged from the body via blood circulation, so kidney cyst reduces spontaneously.

What Chinese medicines have this benefit?

Even though the characters and size of cyst on kidney that different patients have are same, they still need different herbal medicines. The reason is that the prescribed medicines are decided by not only the cyst but also patients’ health condition. Here, we would like to firstly introduce two Chinese medicines that can help get rid of cyst on kidney:

1. Celery: Commonly, celery is used as vegetable more than an herb, but in face, it has great medicinal value. For people with kidney cyst, celery is able to increase their urine output so that more waste products and toxins can be eliminated from the body.

2. Cinnamon: With the effect of boosting immune system, preventing blood coagulation and increasing kidney filtration function, cinnamon does help shrink kidney cyst to some extent.

Besides, many other Chinese medicines also have the above benefits. If you are suffering from kidney cyst, either small or big, you can leave a message to us, so we can give you some suggestions in time.

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