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Treatment for 7cm Kidney Cyst

2013-09-02 18:16

Treatment for 7cm Kidney CystIn early stage of Kidney Cyst, there are usually no obvious symptoms. So it is difficult for patients to notice it. As the disease progresses, some symptoms will occur. For patients with 7cm cysts, they are always searching for a better solutions.

Generally speaking, 7cm Kidney Cyst will oppress the kidneys to some extent. Common treatments for this symptom are usually renal cyst decortication and renal biopsy. But actually, the above-mentioned methods can not refrain the growth of cysts from the root cause.

According to the analysis, we recommend Chinese medicine conservative treatment, on the one hand, it can refrain the abnormal proliferation of the renal tubular epithelial cells, on the other hand, it will increase the permeability of the cyst walls. Eventually, achieve the goal of shrinking cysts. Usually, the suggestions include:

1. The efficacy of traditional oral drugs will be affected during the course. Therefore, for patients with this disease, they can choose some therapies that can directly effect on the lesions, which can increase drug efficacy.

2. Due to its unique structure, it is difficult for kidneys to absorb macromolecular substances. When choosing Chinese medicine treatment, small molecule drugs are always their best choice.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

At our PKD clinic, we invented a new therapy known as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It perfectly combines herbal medicines and advanced medical technology together to improve the efficacy of Chinese medicine remarkably. It is an external therapy, in which the shattered medicines can be penetrated into the lesions directly.

Through the functions of dilating blood vessels, promoting blood circulation, changing the inner and outer pressure of cyst walls, the cystic fluids can be removed out of body. In addition, it can improve the state of hypoxic-ischemic in kidneys and create a good repair environment for the kidneys.

7cm Kidney Cyst is not terrible, accompanied with proper treatments and positive attitude, you can achieve better results. If you want a detailed herbal lists of the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, leave us a message below as soon as possible.

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