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Bilateral Renal Cyst 7cm*7cm: What Can Patients Do

2013-09-14 17:35

Bilateral Renal Cyst 7cm*7cm: What Can Patients Do  Bilateral Renal Cysts refer to fluid-filled sacs that grow on both kidneys. Then what can patients do if they were detected with 7cm*7cm cysts on both kidneys? Are there some effective treatments ?

In general, renal cysts are benign and they rarely cause any symptoms. And at this time, no treatment is needed. However, as the disease progresses, the enlarged cysts can oppress the adjacent kidney tissues, leading to a series of symptoms like back pain, high blood pressure, hematuria, etc. When these symptoms appear, to avoid further deterioration of renal function, patients should seek for proper treatments as soon as possible.

Generally, when the cysts is above 4cm, patients may feel discomfort. As for 7cm*7cm bilateral renal cyst, it is relatively a serious condition, because it may rupture easily. For more detailed information about the size of cysts, you can consult our online doctor directly.

In normal condition, surgery may be an option for bilateral renal cyst. However, it can only remove the larger cysts, but do nothing to refrain the growth of smaller ones. What’s more, it can relapse easily and cause hemorrhage during the operation. Even though, you should never be pessimistic, because we can provide effective treatments for you.

What are the effective treatments?

At our PKD clinic, we suggest patients with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy is a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and modern technology. Through external application, the micronized medicines can be penetrated into the renal area directly, so that the efficacy can be absorbed fully. In addition, there won’t be any side effects to the body. And its main function can be concluded like this:

1. Promote blood circulation, increase the permeability of cystic walls and adjust the inner and outer pressure of cysts. Eventually, achieve the goal of shrink cysts.

2. Provide nutrient substances to the damaged kidneys and help repair renal function.

If you have been diagnosed with Bilateral Renal Cyst, we’re help to help. Any more doubts about this disease and the corresponding treatment, such as Medicated Bath, you can email

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