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How to Treat Hematuria with Renal Cyst

2013-09-18 15:04

How to Treat Hematuria with Renal CystHematuria, also known as blood in urine, is a common symptom of Renal Cyst. For patients with this disorder, they are always detected with blood in urine, Then what are their relationships? And what measures should patients take to relieve this symptom? And this topic is mainly on this two problems:

How can Kidney Cyst cause hematuria?

If left uncontrolled, the enlarged cysts will oppress the adjacent renal tissues. Accompanied with loss of renal function and decline of glomerular filtration membrane, red blood cells can leak into urine easily and resulting hematuria.

The other cause is rupture of cysts, which is more likely to cause infections, especially urinary tract infection. Understanding the causes will be beneficial for patients.

What are the effective treatments?

Frankly speaking, the treatments for hematuria should be aimed at preventing infections and shrinking cysts.

If not treated in time, fever, systemic swelling and other symptoms will occur and cause decline of renal function. In normal condition, antibiotics are prescribed by doctors. In serious condition, a surgery might be required.

Compared with the operations, the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy at our PKD clinic seem to be more efficient and safer. Through external application, it can expand blood vessels, promote blood circulation, increase the permeability of cysts and adjust the inner and outer pressure pressure of cysts.

After a period of treatment, it can shrink cysts effectively and help patients get rid of symptoms including hematuria. Besides, the herbal medicine are carefully selected by our experts. If you are interested in the herbals lists, feel free to consult our online doctor, and you will get a satisfied reply.

If you or beloved one have been diagnosed with Renal Cyst and hematuria, you can email us:pkdclinic888@hotmail.comfor any questions, we are always here to help.

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