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Treatment Options for Pain Caused by Kidney Cyst

2013-09-29 08:50

Kidney Cyst, also known as renal cyst, is a small fluid-filled round packet in the kidneys. In most cases, the cysts are asymptomatic. However, when the cysts grow too big, some serious symptoms will occur. Such as, back pain or abdominal pain. And today we are going to talk about this question.

Causes of pain caused by renal cyst

1. If left alone, the enlarged cysts will oppress the adjacent renal structures, as a consequence, pain may occur easily.

2. When the cysts grow too big, they are more likely to be ruptured, which is also a risk for back pain, abdominal pain or flank pain.

3. Except for the above reasons, urinary tract infection or a kidney stone can not be ignored.

After a brief introduction about the inducing factors, we should figure our the possible treatments for the pains.

What are the treatment options?

Pain killers. Sometimes, pain killers may be prescribed by their doctors to alleviate pains to a certain degree.

Surgery. When necessary, surgery may be recommended to drain cysts and relieve the pains. But there can be some side effects, such as trauma and its high recurrence rate.

Medicated bath. Medicated bath is a featured therapy which is externally applied. Compared with other treatments, it is safe, comfortable and without side effects. Accompanied with more supply of blood and oxygen, renal function can be promoted to a large extent. As a result, the pain can be relieved.

If you are troubled by pains caused by Kidney Cyst, we are here to help. As the illness condition varies, you should choose the proper treatments. Anything unclear about this topic, leave us message below or email Best wishes!

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