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How to Treat Cortical Cyst on the Kidneys

2013-10-07 16:42

How to Treat Cortical Cyst on the KidneysCortical Cyst on the kidneys refer to cysts that developed in the cortex area. Without effective control, the cysts may enlarge quickly and serious symptoms will occur, then what should patients do? What are the effective treatments for this disease?

This disorder is very common among the elderly. Usually, they are benign and rarely cause symptoms. And patients may be recommended to take regular checkups. However, with age, the cysts will experience a constant growth. And the following symptoms may occur, such as back pain, frequent urination, high blood pressure, blood in urine, etc.

What are the effective treatments for cortical cyst on kidneys?


Surgeries including aspiration and laparoscopic cyst decortication can be used to treat these cysts. With the help of needles, the fluid can be excreted with urine.

To patients disappointment, the cyst can relapse and the cystic fluid will be continually excreted, which makes it not a good choice for cortical cyst.

Chinese herbs

Herbs like dandelion, cordyceps and so on can be chosen by patients to shrink cysts and improve kidney function. However, as the illness condition varies, you can choose to send us your medical report:pkdclinic888@hotmail.comand our experts will reply you soon.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

This treatment is a brand-new therapy, with the help of penetrating device, the medicines can be penetrated into the kidney lesion effectively.

By promoting blood circulation, adjusting the inner and outer pressure of cysts. Eventually, the cysts can be shrunk to an ideal size. Meanwhile, kidney function can be promoted.

When you are detected with cortical cyst on the kidneys, you should seek for effective treatments immediately. Anything unclear, you can leave us message below.

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