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Treatments for Kidney Cyst in Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM)

2013-10-11 13:10

Treatments for Kidney Cyst in Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM)Kidney Cyst is a common kidney disease and more and more people have been detected with at least one cyst at their 50s. Then are there some effective treatments for this disease?

In most cases, the cysts are asymptomatic. With age, the cysts begin to enlarge and some symptoms will occur. In western countries, a surgery may be recommended. Even if it can obtain quick effects, the recurrence rate is high and there can be traumas to the kidneys. So surgery is not always a good choice for all the patients.

Due to this, experts at our center recommend Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has formed a complete medical system and can be used to treat various diseases.

What are the suggested Traditional Chinese Medicines?

The application of Traditional Chinese Medicine has become more and more popular in the treatment of kidney cyst. In general, herbs like dandelion, cordyceps, cinnamon and salvia are beneficial. But as the illness condition varies, the prescription should be different. If you have been diagnosed with this disorder and have interests about the herbs, you are welcomed to send us your medical report:pkdclinic888@hotmail.comand our experts will provide you a satisfied answer.

How does TCM take effects in shrinking cysts?

Active substances in the medicines can soften the cystic wall and increase the permeability of the cyst. What is more, they can help promote blood circulation so as to bring more blood and oxygen to the damaged kidneys. Gradually, the secretion of cyst liquid will be refrained and the cysts can be shrunk to effectively.

Compared with surgery, its curative effects can last for a longer time. What’s more, it is safe, comfortable and painless.

After the above introductions about TCM for kidney cyst, we hope you have obtained a basic understanding. If you still have some questions, you are welcomed to leave us message.

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