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Stem Cells Transplant For Renal Cyst

2019-02-12 14:29

Millions of people become new members of the kidney cyst institution each year, some of them get the disease from their parents while some get it as a complication of end stage kidney disease. No matter how people get kidney cyst, they want to do something to control the disease or even treatment it fundamentally. While others are looking for the treating method around the world, some people found that stem cell transplant may be a good choice.

Developed from bone marrow transplant, stem cell transplant technology is more powerful than other therapies. The strong ability of self-renewal and proliferation give organs and tissues in the kidneys new life. However, people are wondering what the specific procedure is and how stem cells can work in the body. What will happen after patients with kidney cyst accept the transplantation? These questions stop the patients from accepting the treatment.

Let’s discuss these questions one by one.

◇ What is the procedure of stem cells of getting into human body?

Generally speaking, stem cells should be collected or cultured in the lab according to the specific demand of the patients. For patients with kidney cyst, the stem cells should have the function of differentiating into cells similar to the cells of the organs and tissues in the kidneys. After being cultured well, stem cells will be injected into the patients’ body through vain.

◇ How can stem cells work in the body?

Stem cells get into the body by vain injection, after that, they will be attracted to focal part of the body, such as the kidneys, by some medicines in the body (this step should be done by Chinese Medicine which were mainly given to the kidneys). In the kidneys, stem cells will first begin their work from two aspects. For one thing, they will try to find and repair the damaged cells in the kidneys, for another, stem cells are ready to replace the functions of them and become fresh troops of the body.

As for the kidney cyst, the main work of stem cells is to defeat the cells of cysts and restrain their growth, meanwhile, stem cells will improve the blood circulation condition, thus remitting the ischemia and anoxia condition of the intrinsic cells in the kidneys. Little by little, the cysts can be shrunk and the symptoms of illness will disappear spontaneously. Finally, kidney cyst can be treated fundamentally.

◇ What will happen after stem cell transplantation?

After several days of the transplantation, if their bodies are sensitive to the cells, some patients will feel like getting a fever, and some of them will like sweating. However, all these discomforts will disappear several days later, and patients will see changes in their body more and more obviously, such as little swellings, less proteinuria and even shrink of the kidney cyst.

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