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How to Shrink Renal Cortical Cyst on Left Kidney

2013-10-15 14:19

Q: I was diagnosed with renal cortical cyst on left kidney last year. It causes me back pain and I feel very worried. Can you tell me how to shrink renal cortical cyst on left kidney?

A: surgery is a major way to remove the renal cortical cyst. However, due to its traumatic character, it is not always a good choice for patients, for it may cause progressive renal cortical cyst and patients may suffer from rapid kidney function decline.

Thereby, how to shrink renal cortical cyst naturally, becomes a hot issue among patients.

To solve this problem, TCM experts established a new natural therapy named “Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy” 27 years ago. In Ancient China, TCM practitioners find certain herbs which have the natural ability to shrink cysts on organs. These herbs can accelerate the blood circulation, which can cause a pressure difference between the bloodstream and cyst fluids. As a result, the cyst fluids will be forced to flow into the blood vessels.

Eventually, after blood circulation, the cyst fluids will be filtered out of the body together with the waste products via urination. This is why patients can find the flocculence-like materials in their urine after the treatment.

If doctor puts this urine under microscope, he or she will find that it is actually the cyst fluids.

What are the herbal formulas of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy?

There are about 150 different herbal formulas of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Due to your personal condition, the doctor will find the herbs list for you.

Each herbal formula of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy shows 4 major functions:

- alleviate the symptoms and complications

- shrink renal cortical cysts

- repair damaged kidney tissues

- offset the side effects of certain herbs

If you wanna the herbal formula based on your own condition, you can send your medical report, if you have not, you can can send your basic info and medical info to for a reply.

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