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Polycystic Kidney Disease& Kidney Cysts

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PKD & Kidney Cysts

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a group of disorders that result from the formation and progressive enlargement of cysts in the kidneys without dysplasia, usually leading to renal failure.

Large Liver Cyst After Kidney Transplant

2014-09-17 01:59

Large Liver Cyst After Kidney TransplantLiver cysts is normally a inherited disease, and is usually seen in Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). Are you diagnosed with large liver cysts after kidney transplant? Why? How can you do to deal with it? You can get some suggestions from this article.

Why does liver cyst occur after kidney transplant?

Kidney transplant is required when patients reach to Kidney Failure. There are two possible causes:

1. Trauma during the surgery

Some cases show that trauma during the surgery such as the damage on lymphatic, leading to infection of the liver and then cause cyst. Without timely treatment, the cyst will grow to very big size.

2. Blocked blood stream

Even kidney transplant can improve the illness condition, it cannot reverse Kidney Failure. That is to say, the kidneys are still work inadequately. As a result, the blood stream is not fluent, causing blood clots in the body. With time goes by, many wastes and toxins will accumulate in body, leading to cyst formation in the liver.

What will happen with large liver cyst?

A large liver cyst is symptomatic, and patients may experience some discomforts such as:

1. Stomach bloating

2. Abdominal pain (due to pressure or swelling on the abdomen)

3. Digestive problems like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea

4. Enlarged liver

5. Infection of the bile ducts

How to shrink large liver cyst without damaging the kidneys?

If the cyst is causing you some discomforts, you should firstly take a imaging test such as CT and ultrasound to check the growth of the cyst.

In most cases, the doctor will recommend you to take surgery to remove the cyst when its size is over 3cm. However, surgery may cause some side effects that will aggravate the illness condition.

Here, I recommend you take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy that is based on Tradition Chinese Medicine (TCM). This therapy can improve the blood circulation by expanding blood vessels and reducing inflammation. As long as the blood can flow fluently, it can bring more wastes and toxins outside from the body.

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