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Polycystic Kidney Disease& Kidney Cysts

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Polycystic Kidney Disease

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Patient Story about PKD

From the patient story about PKD, we can share their happiness and we hope all the PKD patients could be treated by the proper PKD treatment. > Patient Story >

Chinese Medicine Helps Me Shrink Kidney Cysts and Lower Creatinine

Do you want to get your kidney cysts shrunk and high creatinine level down? In this article, I will introduce a PKD patient, who achieve remarkable effect in our hospital. First of all, lets have a quick look at his comments about our hospi...Read More

Naphrotic Syndrome: A Mother and A Five Years Old Nephrotic Syndrome Son

When their child born, every parent hope their child safe and health, nothings else. we living in South of China, a beautiful city with fresh air and proper living condition. While, not so long, disaster came to us. It was his five years, D...Read More

Diabetics Develop into Diabetic Nephritis: Let This Patients Tell You How to Reduce Protein Urine

Finally, protein urine is negative. Said Mr. Li with thankful, who hands a flag to our doctor. Li is a diabetic nephropathy patients for many years. At first, his blood sugar is high and only takes medicine to control it without exam the ki...Read More

Patients Fall in Love with Miracle Chinese Medicine and Colorful Culture

Chinese Medicine is a miracle, a tiny needle can treat diseases; root, leaves and stem can be medicinal material. Besides, Peking Opera is also amazing, said Lall, after finishing ShajiaBang-Zhidou, which is a kind of Peking Opera talking...Read More

Q&A for Protein Urine and PKD Patients

Q:Creatinine Level 312, Urine Acid 610 and Protein urine 2+, is it curable? A:We have to know that it is active or chronic. Besides, further diagnose is needed to make sure it is Glomepular Nephropathy or internal disease, caused by high ur...Read More

Only Medicine Is Far From Therapeutic Effect

Doctor, Could you send me some medicine to try? We can totally under stand the worry of patients that no one like to travel so far without effect. But if medicine can work, doesnt it mean I have not to be there? If you think that way, pleas...Read More

Q&A for Albuminuria Patients Chapter 28

Q: Albuminuria 3+, occult 3+, nothing else, no edema. A: We suspect the misdiagnose. We suggest you the urine protein electrophoresis, or you can check the element of protein in urine to make sure it is selective proteinuria or not. Q: NS,...Read More

Shrink Kidney Cyst in PKD with Natural Treatment

Miss Ma, came from Shanxi Province, was diagnosed with PKD and Polycystic liver 12 years ago. She took no actions while she felt no complications. But recently, she felt back pain, mood swing(swirl), fatigue and other complications. This ti...Read More

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