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Polycystic Kidney Disease& Kidney Cysts

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PKD & Kidney Cysts

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a group of disorders that result from the formation and progressive enlargement of cysts in the kidneys without dysplasia, usually leading to renal failure.

Stories of Patients with PKD

2013-10-31 10:46

Our PKD Clinic applies the latest treatments for Polycystic Kidney Disease. Read on and find the stories of patients with PKD in our clinic.

Our Featured Therapy

We mainly use the Chinese Medicine to control the cysts on the kidneys. Our featured herbal therapy can help shrink the Polycystic Kidneys naturally. If you happen to be a person with Polycystic Kidney Disease, you may be suggested to try one or more of the following therapies in our clinic.

- Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

- Medicated Bath

- Acupuncture

- Blood Pollution Therapy

- Food Therapy

Read on and find the PKD patients’ stories in our hospital.

Stefanos’s Story

Stefanos lived in Greece. He found our clinic from his cousin’s Chinese friend. “Before I came here, Miss Wang (his cousin’s friend) visited your hospital and talked with a patient here. She sent the patients’ medical report before and after the treatment to me. And I am convinced.” Said Stefanos. Before Stefanos came here, his creatinine level was 4.25 umol/L. After one and a half months later with Micro-Chinese Medicine treatment, now, his creatinine level has been reduced to 3.4 umol/L.

Kishor Sainju’Story

Kishor Sainju is 62 years old, who suffered from Polycystic Kidney Disease and Polycystic Liver Disease. He was hospitalized in our clinic for 26 days. Before treatment, his urine output is 800ml, serum creatinine 872umol/L. BUN 34.2mmol/L, largest kidney cyst is 12cm and liver cyst is 4cm. After our featured therapy, his conditions improved a lot and his medical reported showed that serum creatinine, 264umol/L; BUN: 12.3mmol/L. largest kidney cyst is 10.5cm and liver cyst is 2.2cm.

Ganjan Singh’ Story

Ganjan Singh is 42 years old, who comes from India. His diagnosis is not only polycystic kidney disease, but also Polycystic Liver Disease and kidney stone. He was treated in our clinic by Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and oral Chinese Herbal Medicine. Here is his Conditions before and after treatment:

Date Left Kidney Right Kidney Cyst in L Cyst in R Creatinine
2012-11-22 222×93×102mm 238×105×112mm 41×42mm 71×61mm 153umol/L
2012-12-17 214×88×100mm 230×104×112mm 41×33mm 66×60mm 115umol/L

It is hard to list all patient stories with PKD in our clinic. If you want to know the similar patient case with your conditions, you are suggested to leave a message below. And we are glad to send you their stories within 48 hours via email.

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