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Polycystic Kidney Disease& Kidney Cysts

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Polycystic Kidney Disease

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Patient Story about PKD

From the patient story about PKD, we can share their happiness and we hope all the PKD patients could be treated by the proper PKD treatment. > Patient Story >

Minimal Change Nephropathy Did Not Relapse for 4 Years, How Did He Do That

Qin is 28 years old. But he is a old invalid in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. It was in 2008 once he came here because of edema in legs. Local hospital examination showed that protein urine 3+, 24-hour protein urine 7.66g. But after...Read More

Reverse Creatinine Level 168μmol/L to Normal Range Without Dialysis

Recall: Mr. Long came from Guizhou Province. One year age, leg swelling, protein 3+, he was diagnosed with chronic Glomerular Nephritis. He did not hospitalized and took hormone to control his condition, he choose diuretic for a year, but n...Read More

Reverse 24 - hour Urine Protein 10.44g to 0.44g. How This NS Patients Did That

Mr. Wang is a poor talker. When he got his exam report he had nothing but surprise. He came from Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. One year early, he worked in Tianjin and found legs swelling. He thought it is too tired and forgot it. But a...Read More

Natural Treatment Help Reverse Protein 3+

Yesterday, we happen to know Miss Lee , who is 66 years old, came from Hengshui City. She came here for her kidney disease. when chatting with her, we know that she was living here along and her son came to take care of her at intervals. Sh...Read More

Reverse High Creatinine Level 700 with Natural Treatment

Mr. Du is a local people. Not long ago, he had a dull appetite and went to country hospital for medical examination, occasionally found that creatinine level was 800mol/L, and diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. After seven days treatmen...Read More

Revese Proteinuria 4+ with Natural Treatment

Mr Hai is a farmer from Guangdong Province. He used to working in farm in busy farming season and working in city in free season. But, edema suddenly occurred in his legs six years ago. And he was diagnosed with FSGS(focal segmental glomeru...Read More

Reverse Kidney Disease and Improve Immune System with Natural Treatment

Mr Hao had a fever in 38℃ before Lunar New Year due to enteritis, then he went to the local hospital for treatment. But after a period of treatment, his fever rose and swelling occurred in his leg. With suspicious, he did a physical test...Read More

Even thought Ye is 12 years old, he has 6 years history of kidney disease

6 years ago, Ye was diagnosed as Nephritic Syndrome with protein 3+, occult blood 3+; further biopsy showed minimal change Nephropathy. And then he use hormone to maintain his condition. But effect is not satisfied. Protein in recheck alway...Read More

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