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Polycystic Kidney Disease& Kidney Cysts

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Polycystic Kidney Disease

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What Should I Do In Dialysis Infection

Dialysis is indeed a way to prolong the lifespan of Kidney Failure patients. However, this procedure may take some side effects such as low blood pressure, nausea and vomiting, itchy skin, muscle cramping or infection. What should you do in...Read More

Can Renal Failure Patient Recover with Proper Diet After Starting Dialysis

Renal Failure, also called End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), often require dialysis or kidney transplant. It is reversible, but patients can take treatment to prolong their lifespans. Can Renal Failure patient recover with proper diet after s...Read More

Is Dialysis 3 Times a Week Recommendable for ESRD Patient

Dialysis is a very common life-saving method for ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) patients. There are two types: Hemodialysis (HD) and Peritoneal Dialysis (PD). Is dialysis three times a week recommendable for ESRD patient? Overview about dia...Read More

Is Dialysis Permanent for Kidney Failure Patients

Dialysis is a treatment replacing parts of kidney function when the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is lower than 15ml/min. Is dialysis permanent for Kidney Failure patients? Is dialysis permanent? Dialysis is usually permanent but not alw...Read More

What Is the Diet for Dialysis People

When people develop into End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), also called Kidney Failure, they are required to take dialysis. Since the kidneys are very severely damaged, wastes produced by what you take may burden the kidneys. Therefore, a dial...Read More

Why Dialysis Patients Shiver During First Few Sessions

Why do dialysis patients shiver during first few sessions? Do you have the same issue? If so, please do not worry, it is not rare and there are some remedies. Causes of shiver during dialysis ● Infection: The most common cause of shiver d...Read More

Foods to Eat for Dialysis Patients With Low Blood Count

Dialysis is life-saving treatment for Kidney Failure patients. Low blood count, also known as anemia is a common complication of dialysis. If you want to know some foods to eat during dialysis, you can find what you want in this article. An...Read More

Treatment for Back Pain in Kidney Dialysis

Dialysis is a life-preserving treatment for Kidney Failure patients. While helpful, it brings some side effects. Can dialysis cause back pain? If so, what are the treatment for relieving back pain in dialysis? Two types of dialysis There ar...Read More

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