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Polycystic Kidney Disease& Kidney Cysts

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Polycystic Kidney Disease

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Do All Patients Eventually Stop Producing Urine After Hemodialysis

Do all patients eventually stop producing urine after hemodialysis? I believe this question is concerned by not only my patients but also all people on hemodialysis. For them, producing urine, either enough or little, means they still have...Read More

How to Treat Convulsions in Dialysis

Convulsions also refer to seizures that are common for patients on dialysis. In some cases, patients may even have several seizure episode but their doctor doesnt tell them the reason. To help these patients have an overall understanding ab...Read More

Is Dialysis A Must to Lower Creatinine 9.0

Along with GFR, creatinine is also used commonly to detect kidney disease patients’ kidney condition. Creatinine 9.0 has been so higher that may mean stage 5 or end stage renal disease. Is dialysis a must to lower creatinine 9.0?...Read More

Can Someone with Stage 4 Kidney Disease Receive Dialysis

Can people with stage 4 kidney disease receive dialysis? Generally speaking, patients dont need to do dialysis until their condition progresses to stage 5 or end stage. This is because kidney function is the main factor to determine the tim...Read More

Loose Motions for Dialysis Patients: How to Manage It

Why do so many dialysis patients desire to manage loose motions? This is because loose motions, also known as diarrhea, is a common problem for these patients. Severe loose motions may cause dehydration, low potassium level, malnutrition an...Read More

Why Does Dialysis Cause Confusion and Disorientation

Dialysis has two common types: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. No matter which dialysis patients aredoing, they may be confused and disoriented. Well, why does dialysis cause confusion and disorientation?...Read More

Can People with 7% Kidney Function Avoid Dialysis

7% kidney function means patients’ GFR is about 7ml/min. In this condition, most of patients may be offered to begin dialysis or have already started dialysis. However, can people with 7% kidney function avoid dialysis?...Read More

High Blood Urea Level after Hemodialysis

Some dialysis patients complain that their blood urea level is still high after hemodialysis. For example, some one finds her blood urea level was 147 but it was still 102 after dialysis. Why does blood urea level is still high after hemodia...Read More

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