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Polycystic Kidney Disease& Kidney Cysts

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Polycystic Kidney Disease

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Why Dialysis Patients Should Drink Less Water

Drinking less water can be beneficial to control high blood pressure, which is the main cause leading to the cardia-cerebrovascular disease. Dialysis is the important method of renal replacement therapy. But patients need to limit the amoun...Read More

Why Uremia Patients often Flow Nosebleed after Dialysis

Uremia patients often face this problem: flowing nosebleed after dialysis. Why? Is this phenomenon normal? When some disease cause damage on the kidneys, making the renal function cant play the normal function. Whats worse, the disease will...Read More

What Foods are Beneficial to the Dialysis Patients

Dialysis is used in the treating of uremia. After dialysis, the diet is important for illness condition. What foods are beneficial to the dialysis patients? The following content is for you. The experts of kidneys have said that the diet of...Read More

Can High Creatinine Level 144 be Lowered without Dialysis

If you or your family members happen to endure high creatinine level, learning the following content is necessary for you. Can high creatinine level 144 be lowered without dialysis? Creatinine rises means the decline of your kidney function...Read More

Can a Patient Actually Get Better after They Stop Dialysis

Dialysis is a main method of removing the toxic and harmful substance in the blood. But many patients want to get rid of dialysis due to the side effects of this therapy. Can a patient actually get better after they stop dialysis? The advan...Read More

How Can I Get Rid of Dialysis

Dear sir, I am a patient with kidney failure and I have done dialysis for 5 years, and I often feel vomiting, fatigue and poor appetite after dialysis. What should I do? Can I get rid of dialysis?...Read More

What Complications Can Dialysis Induce

As a common method to treat renal disease, dialysis has been applied in the medical treatment. But this therapy can cause some severe complications or symptoms during the treatment. What complications can dialysis induce? The following cont...Read More

What Are the Side Effects of Dialysis

Dialysis is a relatively safer and widely used therapy of blood purification method. In clinical, it means removing some toxins and waste from blood. But every coin has its two sides. So does dialysis. What are the side effects of dialysis?...Read More

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