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Polycystic Kidney Disease& Kidney Cysts

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Polycystic Kidney Disease

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Is 14mm Kidney Cyst Serious

Here is a dialogue between patient and doctor. The dialogue is about 14mm kidney cyst. follow me to see it. Patient: Recently, one of my friend was diagnosed with 14mm kidney cyst. But my kidney function has no problem. Is kidney cyst 14mm...Read More

Can 11mm Kidney Cyst Bleed

Here is a real case about a patient who has 11mm kidney cyst. He fears and doesnt know if 11mm kidney cyst bleed. I am sure you are interested in it. Please read on and listen to what he said. Two weeks ago, I was diagnosed with 11mm kidney...Read More

How to Cope with 2.6cm *1.8cm Renal Cyst

As a common kidney disease, renal cyst is torturing many old people. Recently, a patients asked a question: how to cope with 2.6cm*1.8cm renal cyst? To help her solve this trouble, today, we decide to discuss this tissue further. Is 2.6cm*1...Read More

Chinese Herbal Medicine for Treating 4.6 cm Renal Cyst

Chinese herbal medicine for treating 4.6 cm renal cyst has received very good curative effect. Why this herb has so magic function? As everybody knows, although operation can help you to excise some big cysts, it still can not cure the litt...Read More

How to Shrink 7.7 cm Renal Cyst on the Left Kidney

How to shrink 7.7 cm renal cyst on the left kidney? Please look at the following dialogue. Q: Dear sir, I have a 7.7 cm renal cyst on my left kidney. My doctor suggest me doing surgery to excise the cyst. But I am afraid of operation due to...Read More

What Should Patients be Concerned about 5 mm Cyst on the Left Kidney

For 5 mm cyst on the left kidney, many people are confused about it. What should patients be concerned about this disease? This article will help patients to figure out the answer. In clinical, for renal cyst less than 4 cm, patients should...Read More

Medical Treatment for Shrinking 6 cm Renal Cyst

I have a 6 cm renal cyst on the outer side of my right kidney. The sac is full of fluid. Pain is becoming more severe. Is there a medical treatment to shrink this sac?...Read More

Should I be Worried with 7cm Kidney Cyst

Kidney cyst is a common fluid collection in kidney and in many cases, patients are told there is nothing to worry about. That is true, because small kidney cyst usually cause no influence on kidney function and no medical treatment is neede...Read More

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