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Polycystic Kidney Disease& Kidney Cysts

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Polycystic Kidney Disease

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3cm Renal Cyst in Left Kidney

How to shrink the 3cm renal cyst in left kidney? This is a concerned problem in the renal disease. For 3cm kidney cyst, patients can use medical treatment and other natural treatments such as diet, exercise and daily care to treat it. Pleas...Read More

How to Treat 1.1 cm Renal Cyst in the Left Kidney

Renal cyst is a troublesome disease in the renal disease. How to treat 1.1 cm renal cyst in the left kidney? A female asked. Now, lets find out the answer from the following content. The reasons causing 1.1 cm renal cyst in the left kidney...Read More

4.1 x 3.1 cm Cortical Left Kidney Cyst

Dear sir, recently, I was diagnosed with 4.1 x 3.1 cm cortical left kidney cyst. How to solve this problem?...Read More

The New Therapy for Treating 2.64*2.49 cm Renal Cyst

Yesterday, a patient visited our website and consulted a question: can 2.64*2.49 cm renal cyst be treated effectively? Luckily, the answer is satisfactory. Here is a new therapy for treating 2.64*2.49 cm renal cyst. Please read on. The reas...Read More

How to Lessen Left Kidney Cyst 2.5cm in Size

Renal cyst is a renal disease in a slow process. With the delay of time, the kidney cysts can enlarge and extend. How to lessen left kidney cyst 2.5cm in size? If you happen to have renal cyst disease, please donr be worried. The following...Read More

Can 11cm Renal Cyst be Treated in a Natural Way

For renal cyst, different patients adopt different methods to treat it. For example, surgery or oral medicine. Can 11cm renal cyst be treated in a natural way? This article will provide you with the detailed answer. Firstly, lets have a gen...Read More

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