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Polycystic Kidney Disease& Kidney Cysts

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Polycystic Kidney Disease

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Can A Complex Renal Cyst Dissolve Naturally

Complex renal cyst is much more severe than simple renal cyst, because it may lead to kidney cancer or be calcified. As we know small simple kidney cyst can even dissolve by itself. Here, you must want to ask can a complex renal cyst dissol...Read More

Top 5 Home Remedies to Treat Parapelvic Cyst Naturally

What home remedies can help treat parapelvic cyst naturally? Parapelvic cyst, secondary to cortical cyst, is also common to see. When it is small, no symptoms or discomforts occur, but urine blockage, infections or pyelonephritis may appear...Read More

A Healthy Diet To Avoid Growing of Cyst on Kidney

To avoid growing of cyst on kidney, what you eat plays an important role. In some cases, kidney cysts are silent and dont cause any symptom. In some other cases, kidney cysts lead to some signs and symptoms, namely, back pain, blood urine,...Read More

A Natural Way to Treat Liver and Kidney Cyst

Both of liver cyst and kidney cyst can be asymptomatic when they are small in size or cause some damage with their growth. Therefore, most patients want to know whether there is a natural way to treat liver and kidney cyst....Read More

What Can Sodium Bicarbonate Do for Kidney Cyst

Talking with people who have kidney cyst, you will find sodium bicarbonate is used commonly in kidney cyst treatment. What can sodium bicarbonate do for kidney cyst? Why is this medicine prescribed for kidney cyst patient?...Read More

Natural Remedies for Cystic Kidney at PKD Clinic

When these cysts grow up to 4cm or larger, some symptoms may appear such as lower back pain, blood urine and frequent infections. At this time, natural remedies for cystic kidney are most patients’ wanted treatments....Read More

Removal of Kidney Cyst at PKD Clinic

If the kidney cyst becomes too big, it will cause kidney damage and some other healthy problems. To solve these problems, removal of kidney cyst may be needed. Today, doctors at PKD Clinic gives three conventional choices and natural choices...Read More

Symptoms of Parapelvic Cyst in Women

For women who has large or ruptured parapelvic cyst, they are more likely to suffer from some symptoms, because of their specific physical structure. What are symptoms of parapelvic cyst in women?...Read More

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