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Polycystic Kidney Disease& Kidney Cysts

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Polycystic Kidney Disease

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Renal Cortical Cysts: Cause and Treatment

Simple renal cyst is very common and it can arise in renal cortex (cortical cysts) or within the sinus region (parapelvic cyst). Today, we mainly talk about renal cortical cyst cause and treatment....Read More

How to Shrink Renal Cyst Naturally

If some of renal cysts grow too big or one of them ruptures, some severe complications will occur. Then, how to shrink renal cyst naturally becomes one of sufferer’s biggest concern....Read More

How to Deal with 4cm Renal Cyst

Recently, I always feel back pain, so I went to hospital to do a test. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with 4cm renal cyst last week. How to deal with 4cm renal cyst? Is it a big risk to my healthy? Yesterday, one patient asked me. I know ma...Read More

What Is Kidney Cyst

A kidney Cyst, also known as renal cyst, is a small round packet filled with fluid and grows in the kidney. Most often, renal cysts are benign and even some patients can live out their entire lives without any symptoms or complications. How...Read More

What Happens If a Renal Cyst Ruptures

What happens if a renal cyst ruptures? Generally, simple small renal cyst won’t cause any symptom to threaten patients’ life. However, some severe complications will appear if a renal cyst rupture or some of renal cysts grow too big....Read More

An Alternative Treatment to Surgery for Renal Cyst

Is there an alternative treatment to surgery for renal cyst? So many people are eager to fund out a satisfying answer. Generally, the only treatment that the patients with renal cyst need is a healthy lifestyle and regular physical examinat...Read More

Kidney Cysts: Tests and Diagnosis

If the renal cyst is small, no symptoms can warn us of renal cyst. Therefore, most patients find it through the following kidney cyst tests. An accurate kidney cyst diagnosis can guarantee the correct treatment to some extent....Read More

How to Deal with Complex Kidney Cyst Symptoms

Complex kidney cyst, compared with simple renal cyst, is life-threatening. Clinical researches have revealed that complex kidney cysts have a risk ranging from 13% to 90% for being kidney cancer. Knowing how to deal with complex kidney cyst...Read More

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