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Polycystic Kidney Disease& Kidney Cysts

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Polycystic Kidney Disease

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Can CKD Patient with Kidney Stone Consume Bamboo Shoots

CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) can be caused by many factors such as kidney stones, immune disorders, infections and genetic issues, etc. CKD develops within many years. Keeping a kidney-friendly diet is very important for slowing down its pr...Read More

What's the Treatment Symptoms of Kidney Stone

Patients with kidney stone have no obvious symptoms at the early stage. In general, patients will appear some symptoms when the illness become worse. Whats the clinical symptoms of kidney stone? This following content can help you to find o...Read More

Can Kidney Stone Patients Eat Apple

As a saying goes, an apple a day keeps doctors away. So, apple is a necessary nutrition for our body. Can kidney stone patients eat apple? First, lets have a overall overview of the diet which kidney stone patients should notice. For kidney...Read More

Need Kidney Stones to Do Operation

Need kidney stones to do an operation? Why some kidney patients can recovery health without operation? Reading the following article will help you figure out the answer. Please read on. Actually, doing operation or not depends on your kidne...Read More

Drink Soda Water Can Prevent Kidney Stone

Do you know? Drink soda water can prevent kidney stone. Now, this article can help you learn some knowledge about kidney stone. Please read on. Patients with kidney stones in the summer must pay attention to drink plenty of water no less th...Read More

Is Good or Bad for Kidney Stone Patients to Eat Strawberry

Strawberry is a summer seasonal fruit. There has lots of attention in clinic kidney stone diet. Is good or bad for kidney stone patients to eat strawberry? Please see the below commentary. The benefits of eating strawberry - Rich various nu...Read More

Can Beans Cause Kidney Stone

The formation of kidney stone has a lot to do with diet. Can beans cause kidney stone? Lets find out the answer with the problem. About the introduction of kidney stone Kidney stone is caused by disorder of colloid and crystal metabolic bal...Read More

Can Kidney Stone Pass on From Generation to Generation

Some people even find they suffer from kidney stones, while one of their parents also has this disease. Then, they wonder whether kidney stone can pass on from generation to generation or kidney stone is genetic....Read More

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