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Polycystic Kidney Disease& Kidney Cysts

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Polycystic Kidney Disease

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Can You Only Wait for Dialysis with Kidney Failure

Clinically, in addition to acute renal failure, acute interstitial nephritis and other acute kidney diseases, renal damage caused by other kidney disease is basically irreversible. Simply steroid treatment can only alleviate illness conditi...Read More

4 Things to Be Done to Keep Kidney Failure Away

For some renal patients, they may develop to kidney failure within half year, while for some renal patients, they still lead a normal life. Why their prognosis is so different? Here are 4 things to be done to keep kidney failure away. 1. Th...Read More

5 Triggers That Aggravate Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease is very harmful to the body, but because many patients have no feeling or symptoms in the early stage, it is easy to regard it as a minor disease. If neglected in the primary stage, it will go into renal failure or ur...Read More

“3 Control and 1 Prevention” for Reducing the Relapse of CKD and Stabilizing Illness Condition

Chronic kidney disease is a chronic disease. Chronic disease needs certain time to be treated. When illness condition gets stable, the focus should be on maintenance. For kidney disease, 1 prevention and 3 control plus improving immunity is...Read More

6 Methods to Treat Kidney Disease and Prevent Uremia

Kidney disease, taking chronic nephritis as an example, has become a common chronic disease in our life. According to the number of people with the disease, chronic kidney disease affects about 1 in 10 people. Then can chronic nephritis be...Read More

To Prevent Uremia, You Should Do 4 Things

Although kidney disease is not curable, it is preventable and controllable. And it is not the same as most people think that with kidney disease, you can only wait for uremia. Kidney disease is difficult to treat, but it does not mean it ca...Read More

Stage 5 CKD: An Alternative Aside from Dialysis

Question: I have stage 5 CKD. I have been on dialysis for two months now. I am looking for an alternative aside from dialysis. Could you give me some suggestions? Answer: Dialysis is a commonly used treatment for CKD stage 5 patients to sus...Read More

Stage 3 CKF: Will Prednisone Reverse Damage

Im taking Prednisone for stage 3 CKF. Will it reverse damage? Prednisone is a commonly used drugs for kidney patients, but some patients may do not know what role it plays in the treatment. In this article, I will tell you the answer. Predn...Read More

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