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Polycystic Kidney Disease& Kidney Cysts

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Polycystic Kidney Disease

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Three Most Important Things for Kidney Patients to Improve Condition

If you want to improve your kidney condition, you should do the following three things. Blood pressure Among patients with chronic kidney disease, 60% have hypertension. With the aggravation of kidney disease, the incidence of hypertension...Read More

How to Heal Kidney Failure Using Herbal Medicine

Nowadays, more and more kidney patients choose herbal medicine for treatment. How to heal kidney failure using herbal medicine? Read on to learn more information. The function of herbal medicine for kidney failure 1. Dispelling wind and dis...Read More

Five Accelerators for Kidney Aging

Under normal physiological conditions, the kidney does not begin to decline until about the age of 40, and from then on renal function begins to decline year by year. But the problem is that even when the kidneys are failing, were hard to r...Read More

How Long for Stage 4 Kidney Failure to Turn into Stage 5

How long for stage 4 kidney failure to turn into stage 5? If you would like to get the answer, you can read this article. With stage 4 kidney failure, GFR ranges from 15 to 30, and with stage 5, GFR is less than 15. In the advanced stage or...Read More

What Is the Best Treatment for Kidney Failure Except Dialysis

What is the best treatment for kidney failure except dialysis? You may think of kidney transplant. But is kidney transplant really that good? Go on reading to learn more information. -Kidney transplant It can help renal failure patients get...Read More

Kidney Patients: Under 8 Conditions, You Can Stop Medicine

Kidney patients are most concerned about the relapse of kidney disease, so from the diagnosis of kidney disease, they have to eat various medicine, and dare not stop medicine. Then do they have to take medicine for lifetime? In fact, the in...Read More

CKD Stage 5, GFR 7 and Creatinine 570: What Can I Do

I am CKD stage 5 with GFR 7 and creatinine of 570, what can I do as of now? ...Read More

Is Stage 4 Kidney Failure Fatal

According to the severity of kidney damage, chronic kidney disease is classified into five stages. Stage 4 kidney failure means your kidneys have been severely damaged. Is stage 4 kidney failure fatal? Read on to learn more information. Sta...Read More

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