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Polycystic Kidney Disease& Kidney Cysts

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Polycystic Kidney Disease

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How to Avoid Dialysis in Kidney Failure Stage Caused by PKD

When PKD develop into kidney failure stage, it is much harder to deal with. Treatment should not only eliminate the toxins in blood, but also shrink the kidney cyst. Which therapy can do that? What will happen in kidney failure stage of PKD...Read More

Which Method or Treatment Can Help Avoid Dialysis

Dialysis is now widely used in treating chronic kidney diseases, as well as kidney transplant. But more and more patients want an alternatives to replace it. Which method or treatment can help avoid dialysis? Compare with transplant, which...Read More

How to Avoid Dialysis in PKD via Toxin-Removing Therapy

Toxin-Removing Therapy is a natural treatment based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, and it can be used in chronic kidney failure, but can this used in PKD, a genetic disorder? PKD is a genetic disorder that cause multiple cysts grow in ren...Read More

Is Dialysis Necessary for High Creatinine Level 651μmol/L

Dan is a college student comes from Sichuan Province. It was last December that she found edema in her legs, and she went to Pudong Hospital Directly. Examination showed creatinine level 650mol/L, seeing that doctor suggested dialysis, but...Read More

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