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Kidney Cyst (Renal Cyst)

Renal failure refers to temporary or permanent damage to the kidneys that results in loss of normal kidney function. > Kidney Cyst

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    Kidney Cyst Overview

    Definition of kidney cysts

    Kidney cysts describe an illness condition that small sac of fluids developing in the kidneys. There are two types of this disease, one is called simple kidney cyst, and the other is complex kidney cyst. Usually, kidney cysts we mentioned refer to simple ones and are often benign. Well, the latter one could possibly be cancerous.

    Kidney cysts can be a natural by-product of aging. People with old age are often living with simple kidney cysts and don't need any kind of treatments. It is estimated that 50% of the adults may suffer from this benign kidney cysts by the time of their 50 years old. Usually, the disease has no symptom but also can be serious in certain cases.

    Things become different when it comes to complex kidney cysts. Complex ones pose irregularities whether in shape or inside the cysts. This type of kidney cyst should be closely monitored since they can be indicative of kidney cancer. Symptoms of simple kidney cyst may be rare to perceive or very generalized making them hard to be detected. Common signs include dull pain in back or side, fever and some others.

    Treatment is not necessarily needed for simple cysts. If the cyst is large, surgery may be needed. Most of the procedures can be performed using a laparoscope, and percutaneous sclerotherapy is delivered so as to allow the fluid to be drained from the sac. Alcohol solution is injected too. This therapy ensures the cysts from growing but usually fails to take effect.

    Certain dietary therapy is needed when one's medical condition becomes serious because dietary therapy is an important part of treatments. Ask your dietitian for individualized diet suggestions due to your personalized condition.

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