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Cysts In Kidney Symptoms

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Kidney Pain with Kidney Cyst

2014-04-22 00:56

Kidney pain is common in kidney cyst patients, affecting about 6 in 10 people who have been diagnosed with the disease. Pain can lead to anxiety, depression and insomnia. Also, it will have an influence on people’s family life badly.

Then, how serious will kidney pain reach? Is there any treatment to remit the pain? Follow me.

symptoms of kidney cyst

※Kidney cyst patients always get persistent or chronic flank pain and it is not because of the infection, bleeding or kidney stone. It is usually caused by developing cysts, the pressure by cysts against the surrounding organs and changes in the back muscles.

※Bursting cysts always tends to a settled area and there is likely to be blood in the urine.

※Infected cysts always lead to widespread pain suddenly. Pain can not be relieved by the changes of your pose.

Treatment to remit the pain

If you have been diagnosed with kidney cyst with kidney pain, painkiller is always suggested to you and you should reduce the amount of medicines you take if your kidney functions have declined. Unfortunately, any oral medicines have side effect to patients and it can only stop the pain in a short time. If you stop taking medicines, pain will continue.

Hot compress therapy

To make up the disadvantages of oral medicines, hot compress therapy is strongly recommended to you. It has no side effect and no pain. This therapy is based on the TCM, but applied externally and it can treat kidney pain from root-repair kidney damage and improve kidney functions. It can prevent epithelial cells making cystic fluid and increase the permeability of cyst wall. So cystic fluid will go out of the body and cysts will get smaller and smaller. If you are interested in this therapy, consult our online doctor for detail.

The kidney pain with kidney cyst is varies in conditions due to the individual illness. You should go to hospital to make the exact diagnosis and receive the treatment in time. If you have doubt about the kidney pain with kidney cyst, send email to to learn more. Good luck!

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