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How to Cope with 2.6cm *1.8cm Renal Cyst

2014-04-18 03:04

How to Cope with 2.6cm *1.8cm Renal CystAs a common kidney disease, renal cyst is torturing many old people. Recently, a patients asked a question: how to cope with 2.6cm*1.8cm renal cyst? To help her solve this trouble, today, we decide to discuss this tissue further.

Is 2.6cm*1.8cm renal cyst serious?

In general, for less than 4 cm renal cyst, you should do examination regularly to observe the size of cyst. To control the growth of cyst, you can use dietary and pay attention to daily exercise. The renal cyst can not cause a treat to your health.

However, if the renal cyst enlarge continuedly, the enlargement renal cyst may oppress your kidney and lead to some sever symptoms such as back pain, kidney pain or abdominal pain, etc. Therefore, to avoid the enlargement kidney damage your kidney, you are recommended to take an effective treatment.

What’s the method to treat 2.6cm*1.8cm renal cyst?


Through the surgery, doctors can help you to excise some big cysts. This is a quick treatment for renal cyst patients. Meanwhile, the surgery exists some sickness. Patients need to endure the sharp pain and permanent scar. Also, different people have various illness conditions. You should consult the doctor to make sure whether the surgery are suitable for you or not.

Western medicine

Some patients are advised to take oral western medicine to control and prevent the illness condition. However, most of the western drugs have many toxic and side effects on the human body. Taking the medicine for a long time, your immunity can be lowered gradually. What’s worse, some patients may feel discomforts like vomiting, sickness, lack of appetite and so on.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Different from the surgery and western medicine, this therapy has no obvious side effects on the body. It is an external application and based on the nontoxic herbal medicine. Patients just need to lie on the bed comfortably without any pains and scars. Because of limit of words and space, welcome to send e-mail to to look for more free and detailed advice about treating 2.6cm *1.8cm renal cyst.

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