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Aspiration to Drain 11cm Simple Kidney Cyst

2013-06-28 17:31

Aspiration to Drain 11cm Simple Kidney CystIf you are diagnosed with simple kidney cyst, your doctor must have told you that simple kidney cysts usually don’t cause any danger unless they are big in size. 11cm kidney cyst is so large that kidneys can’t bear any more. In this condition, aspiration may be suggested to drain the kidney cyst. Is aspiration helpful for large kidney cyst?

To get the answer, we had better what causes kidney cyst.

In most cases, simple kidney cysts arise from renal cortex which contains more than one million of nephrons. The cyst occurs when the tube of a nephron begins to expand and fill with fluid. Even though the root cause of simple kidney cysts are still unknown, it is believed that congenital factors, injury or microscopic blockages may lead to the development of some kidney cysts. What’s more, the continuous fluid filling is the reason of cyst enlargement.

How does aspiration drain 11cm simple kidney cyst?

Since 11cm kidney cyst is far bigger than 3cm, it must have begun putting too much pressure on its surrounding kidney tissues or other organs. Therefore, the sufferers are more likely to experience some symptoms such as back or stomach pain, chills, fever, frequent urination, blood urine or dark urine. Here, aspiration and sclerotherapy can be used to drain large kidney cyst and ease patients’ symptoms.

During this treatment, doctor insert a long needle via the skin to puncture the cyst. The process removes sac fluid and replaces it with alcohol, which causes the tissues that makes up the cyst to harden.

Alternative treatments

After this treatment, some patients complain that their kidney cysts recur again, because fluid fills into these cysts. Therefore, if you want to make your kidney cyst shrunk permanently, some natural treatments that can not only drain the primary sac fluid but also inhibit the secretion fluid should be your case. For more information about these treatment, welcome to consult us directly or leave a message to us.

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